A Fresh New Look

"We Are Parks" over image of rainbow pool at Yellowstone National Par

The nationalparks.org just got a makeover!

Have you checked out our sleek updated look? Poked around and acquainted yourself with the spiffy new layout?

(Yeah, we just used the word spiffy – we’re just that excited about our new digital home!) 

So what’s new? Besides a modish overhaul of the feel of our site, we’re putting stories front and center.

Stories about parks; stories about ways you can enjoy our parks; stories about ways we support these special places; and stories about the work you help make possible.

And storytelling doesn’t just happen through one medium. It can be conveyed through written word, but also through imagery, video, and audio. These elements will be showcased as complements to stories about our parks.

Which brings us to one of the most exciting features: our park experience gallery!

Share Your Experience Gallery on the new website

We want to hear about your personal connections to national parks. What feeling do you remember most? What lesson reshaped the way you think about our nation’s history? What cultural tradition did you learn about that fascinated you?

Help us showcase the breadth of the natural, cultural, and historical treasures within the National Park System by sharing your park experience, adventures, memories, and photos with us! Share your experiences and be featured in our gallery as part of the community of park supporters today. 

There are over 400 astonishing national parks across the system, each with unique narratives and experiences. These treasured places continue to thrive because of your love and generous support. The work of the National Park Foundation wouldn’t be possible without your personal commitment to these places. It ensures our national parks will continue to thrive for this and future generations. Together, we are parks!

Last updated October 7, 2016.


I had a band that played at Glacier National Park for two years. It was hands down the best job that I've ever had. I had the chance during that two years to deeply explore the many features of the park and surrounding areas. I feel that hands-down it is thee best park in the system. I have not been to all 400 but likely close to half of them.
Dr. Rich

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