Exploring Winter Wonderlands in our National Parks!

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A group of people led by a park ranger snowshoeing at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Winter is a great time to visit and see our national parks like you’ve never seen them before. Your favorite trail or hike is a completely different experience blanketed in snow! Many parks offer special seasonal adventures, such as snowshoeing and skiing during winter. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures don’t stop our programs, check out some of our exciting winter activities and programs below.

Like many parks, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument receives most of its visitors during the warmer months. But the clearest skies often occur during winter, offering you a chance to enjoy the night sky activities without the crowds!

Wire-framed sculptures of Native Americans riding horses silhouetted against a starry night sky over Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
Brandon Blackburn, National Park Service

Take a guided snowshoe tour through the monument, including Calhoun Hill and Deep Ravine, while viewing the skies with binoculars and your own eyes. After the tour wraps, warm up with hot cocoa and enjoy the night sky view through telescopes for a closer look at the heavens.

A peaceful and magical stillness overtakes Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore during the winter months making it a special time to explore this Michiganian gem. Continuing its program from last year when over 1,000 people participated, the park will introduce 4th graders to its wonderland through snowshoe experiences. Students will learn about wintertime ecology, hike through the snow into the dunes, and learn how to snowshoe. During the field trip, students will also participate in a scavenger hunt, learn about winter adaptations, and create an art mural.

Healthy activities abound at Keweenaw National Historical Park year-round. In addition to snowshoeing, visitors can enjoy cross-country skiing too. As an incentive, the park offers monthly raffles for visitors

who could win new walking shoes or snowshoes! The park also developed an informational campaign describing the health benefits of specific activities including, walking, cycling, and snowshoeing.

Wintery weather isn’t slowing down our programs or national park visitors! Help us support amazing programs like these in our national parks throughout every season.

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