Concrete To Canyons

NPF grants provide many opportunities for kids to get outside and have fun in national parks! And we even throw in a little learning when they least expect it. The America’s Best Idea program engages diverse and underserved audiences in the great outdoors of limitless excitement and exploration. NPF staffer, Carolyn, traveled out to Zion National Park to participate in a three day, two night trip that brought 50 kids from the concrete jungle to a place of breathtaking awe.

“Look! A squirrel!” squealed the excited kids as they hopped off the bus that brought them 3½ hours from Las Vegas to Zion National Park - the land of massive sandstone cliffs of cream, pink, and red that soar into a brilliant blue sky. “Are there scorpions here?” “What about snakes?” “Where are our tents?” “Do bats sleep during the day?” An endless barrage of excited and anxious questions from youth whose concepts of the outdoors were based on what they had seen on television or in movies.

Child with drawing in sketchbook

See exactly how much fun they had learning about watersheds, petroglyphs, and wildlife among the sandstone cliffs by clicking here.


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