7 Unexpected Ways to Enjoy Leap Day

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Congratulations! You are the winner of an extra day in this remarkable centennial year of the National Park Service: 2016!

Nearly every 4 years, you get a magical bonus of 24 hours added to your calendar.  

Those are 1,440 additional minutes to take advantage of; 86,400 more seconds to do something you enjoy.

So why not spend it exploring a national park?

Surely, you haven’t visited them all yet, have you? There are more than 400 national parks across the country! Cause if you have: 1) that’s pretty impressive, and 2) we’re officially #jealous.

But if you’re like the rest of us, you still have quite a few places left to explore across the system. So here are seven ideas for taking advantage of leap day in your national parks:

Go sledding in an unexpected terrain

Two children sledding down white sand dunes

Enjoy a few last winter outings before we welcome spring

People snowmobiling at Yellowstone

Take a relaxing spa day at a historic bathhouse

Buckstaff Baths

Head to the racetracks

Sailing stones in the desert of Death Valley

Explore one of the system’s newest national parks

Entrance to Oak Ridge labs

Or, walk among the giants in one of the system’s oldest national parks

Tunnel log at Sequoia And Kings Canyon National Parks

Amuse yourself in an urban playground

Two visitors looking at the Washington Monument at night

How will you choose to spend the elusive 29th of February?

While you’re out exploring, take plenty of pictures and share your favorite moments with us at FindYourPark.com and through social media using the #FindYourPark and #EncuentraTuParque hashtags!

Photo credits: National Park Service; National Mall & Memorial Parks by @pdiddypics.

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