7 Revolutionary Ways To Celebrate Independence Day

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Get your sneakers on and grab your friends and family — it’s time to celebrate the birth of this great nation we call home! As you prepare for a long weekend full of good times and fun in the sun, be sure to check out the events taking place at your local national parks.

Fireworks over Independence Hall

Sites across the National Park System will celebrate the holiday with a number of fun and educational activities. From historic weapons demonstrations, to ranger-led programs, to fireworks shows, there are endless ways for you to enjoy July 4 weekend in your national parks.

Whether you’re a bonafide history buff or simply interested in tracing back the roots of our fascinating American story, the National Park Service protects and preserves important sites of the American Revolutionary War. Over the long weekend, you could: 

Minute Man National Historical Park actors reenacting Revolutionary War battle

Minute Man National Historical Park (Massachusetts)
Visit Lexington and Concord, the place where it all started, to see where the first shots of the war rang out in April of 1775. 

Independence National Historical Park (Pennsylvania)
Stroll through the site that is known as the birthplace of America, where the Declaration of Independence was signed July of 1776.

Saratoga National Historical Park (New York)
Experience the turning point of the war, one of the most important victories over the British army in October of 1777.

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park (Indiana)
Take in the memorial that stands where Fort Sackville once stood, the site of Lt. Col. George Rogers Clark’s victory in February of 1779.

Morristown National Historical Park (New Jersey)
Walk the site that served as General George Washington’s encampment of the Continental Army during the winter of 1779.

Ninety Six National Historic Site (South Carolina)
Learn about the strategic location that was both the first land battle south of New England (in 1775) and the longest field siege of the war from May to June of 1781.

Colonial National Historical Park (Virginia)
Honor the sacrifice of those who realized our independence at the site of the last major battle of the war in October of 1781.

Celebrate Independence Day by enjoying the national inheritance that is protected within our majestic national parks! Be sure to check out the events being hosted at your local national park; visit the NPS event calendar here.

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