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Union Pacific Railroad is making parks more accessible by helping connect an entire generation of America’s youth to our national parks through educational experiences.

About Our Partnership

As a premier partner of Youth Engagement and Education and the largest private sponsor of Open OutDoors for Kids, Union Pacific is proud to encourage young adventurers to explore America’s national parks. For nearly 160 years, Union Pacific trains have traversed the beautiful scenery of our nation's western states, delivering the goods Americans use every day.

When the National Park Service was created, Union Pacific's family of railroads transported travelers, allowing them to experience the wonderment of the new national parks and working together to develop the infrastructure that park visitors still treasure. Today, Union Pacific remains committed to sharing the wonders of our American nation with the next generation of parkgoers through its commitment to the National Park Foundation (NPF). Support of NPF's Open OutDoors for Kids program helps make parks more accessible to all kids, with a specific focus on children who live in communities that are striving to overcome a lack of resources in both rural and urban settings across the country. Open OutDoors for Kids connects elementary school-aged youth to national parks through field trips and educational activities. Learn more about Union Pacific's giving programs by clicking here.

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No. 119 Union Pacific engine at Golden Spike National Historical Park

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Park lovers of all ages are invited to enjoy the coloring pages inspired by Joe Nelson's Pullman National Monument poster and Union Pacific's national park travel posters to celebrate our shared commitment to national parks.

Corporate Partnerships

Many of the national parks and programs that exist today would not be possible without corporate funding. NPF depends upon partners like Union Pacific to realize tremendous improvements and innovative programming that enhances and sustains the National Park Service and the parks they protect. Learn more about corporate partnerships at NPF.

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Commitment from our partners is critical to the success of the parks. We engage with organizations in a variety of ways that both help our parks and your organization.