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Tupperware Brands is supporting waste reduction in parks and protecting resources for the enjoyment of current and future generations as part of the National Park Foundation's Sustainability and Resilience initiative, focused on environmental stewardship.

About Our Partnership

Loved and trusted for generations, Tupperware®, a leader in innovative and functional design, is proud to support critical waste reduction and diversion efforts in national parks across the country. Since 1946, Tupperware® has been committed to nurturing a better future for people, communities and the environment. Tupperware recognizes that waste, especially single-use waste, is a compounding issue at parks across the country and continues to increase as more visitors explore the inspiration and beauty that these iconic places offer.

As a premier partner of the National Park Foundation’s Resilience & Sustainability initiative, the company has pledged $1 million through its non-profit, the Tupperware Brands Foundation, to support efforts to keep parks green and enhance environmental stewardship. Through Tupperware® and the National Park Foundation’s partnership in support of the National Park Service, 10 million-single use plastic bottles will be diverted from landfills annually through the installation of water bottle refill stations in national parks, while enhancing infrastructure and eduation to support composting and recycling in parks. Learn more about Tupperware Brands commitment to the National Park Foundation here.

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Corporate Partnerships

Many of the national parks and programs that exist today would not be possible without corporate funding. NPF depends upon partners like Tupperware to realize tremendous improvements and innovative programming that enhances and sustains the National Park Service and the parks they protect. Learn more about corporate partnerships at NPF.

Become a Corporate Partner
Commitment from our partners is critical to the success of the parks. We engage with organizations in a variety of ways that both help our parks and your organization.