Gift & Estate Planning

Gift and Estate Planning

To make a lasting impact on our parks, consider including the National Park Foundation in your estate plans. With thoughtful planning, you take control of the decisions that will affect your family's future and pass on the values that you hold dear. By supporting NPF with an estate gift, you show your appreciation and support for America’s national parks—today and tomorrow.

There are many variations on ways to make a donation as there are needs to be met. Explore the ways you can make a lasting gift to the national parks that also takes into consideration your personal circumstances and the needs of your heirs.

National Park Foundation Legacy Society

Members of The National Park Foundation Legacy Society are a group of self identified individuals who have made provisions for the National Park Foundation in their estate plans. The following, confirmed in writing, qualifies you for membership in The Legacy Society:

As a member of The Legacy Society you will receive a variety of benefits including recognition in NPF’s Annual Report, a subscription to NPF’s monthly e-newsletter, GoParks, and invitations to exclusive NPF events. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will keep all information regarding your gift confidential.

Establishing a legacy gift for the benefit of the National Park Foundation can provide a way to meet both your philanthropic objectives and estate planning needs. You should consult your attorney or financial planner to help you select which specific arrangements are best suited to your individual situation and goals. We would be glad to assist you and your advisor by illustrating the benefits of a gift you may be considering. We encourage you to notify the Foundation once your planning is complete—even if you wish to remain anonymous—so that we may properly acknowledge your support.


Bequests allow you to make a meaningful gift to the National Park Foundation without jeopardizing your family’s security. A bequest can be cash or specific property and can consist of a share of your estate or a specific dollar value. Your bequest can be designated for general purposes, the NPF endowment, or for a specific program area, park, or group of parks.

Please contact the National Park Foundation to ensure that your gift can be used as intended. Although you are not obligated to notify the National Park Foundation of your intended gift, doing so will allow NPF to appropriately thank you for your gift and keep you updated on the work of the Foundation. NPF will always honor requests for anonymity.

The following is an example of basic bequest language that can be included in your will or trust:

Example: I give DOLLAR AMOUNT or PERCENTAGE OF MY ESTATE to the National Park Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of the District of Columbia with the business address of 1110 Vermont Ave, NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005, for its charitable purposes.

Download an Estate Notification Form here.

Life – Payment Gifts

Life-payment plans allow you to make a contribution to the National Park Foundation while still providing for your personal financial needs. There are several types, all of which combine a stream of payments for life or a period of years, with an ultimate gift to the National Park Foundation. Life-payment plans offer substantial tax benefits and may increase cash flow to you and/or another beneficiary.

Gifts of Life Insurance & Retirement Plans

You may be interested to learn about the tax advantage of designating the National Park Foundation the primary or a successor beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan. Please discuss your particular situation with your tax advisor.

Gifts of Stock

Donating appreciated securities is a wonderful way to help support the National Park Foundation. It is the Foundation’s policy to sell the stock or security and put the proceeds right to work for our parks. Per the IRS, the Foundation establishes the value of the stock by calculating the mean average price on the date ownership is transferred.

Before making such a gift, please make sure to discuss your particular situation, including tax benefits, with your financial advisor. Please contact the Foundation at (202) 796-2500 or [email protected] for instructions on securities transfers. It is important that you notify the National Park Foundation in advance of any transfer so that you will be properly credited for your gift.

Tax Identification

All gifts to the National Park Foundation are considered tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
National Park Foundation Tax Identification number is: 52-1086761.


Donor Services
(202) 796-2501
[email protected]

  • Naming NPF as a beneficiary in your will or trust
  • Naming NPF as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, brokerage account, or life insurance
  • Establishing a life income gift that names NPF as a beneficiary
    • Charitable Gift Annuities
      In exchange for a transfer of cash or marketable securities, the National Park Foundation contractually guarantees to pay a specified annuity to you and/or another beneficiary. You can also claim a current charitable deduction for the portion of the transfer that represents the charitable gift. NPF can provide you with a personalized illustration to see how a charitable gift annuity will benefit you.
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts
      Charitable remainder trusts are popular plans because of the flexibility they offer. They are similar to other types of trusts, except that the National Park Foundation receives the remainder interest. You entrust cash or securities and specify how trust income and the remainder interest will be distributed.
    • Charitable Lead Trust
      Charitable lead trusts are the reverse of charitable remainder trusts in that payments from the trust are given to the National Park Foundation for a term of years. Upon your death or the end of the term, the net assets of the trust pass to your family or other designees.