Vincent's Scrapbook

Going In?

Each morning we step in front of a mirror and maybe pick the bacon out of our teeth or fine-tune our makeup. In either circumstance, we willingly put ourselves up for evaluation and fix what is wrong. How acceptable you look depends upon the type of mirror you have. With my full-length mirror, I am easily able to pick out any discrepancies with ease, but if I were to use a broken mirror, or a square off of a disco ball, I'd be late to class. With this mindset, I would need a perfect mirror to find all my imperfections, where is this mirror? In Nature.

She is an infinite mirror that reflects upon herself, step inside and it is just you and Her. John Muir once said, "I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." In the summers of '12 and '13, I was a part of the Youth Conservation Corps and witness to a total of 60 individuals from across the country who stepped out of their lives, and stepped into Nature. Through many miles, gallons of sweat, and countless laughs our work within Yosemite proved to be the best reflection yet. With our dirt, body odor, and raw feet the only imperfections we saw were within us. We were able to recognize our anger, insecurities, and troubles all because Nature was there to show us what we need to fix.

The summers ended and we left with a forever longing to return to Nature, to return to perfection, to step back into that looking-glass.
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Category: Making a Difference

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