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for sharing your 2014 national park resolutions.

2014 National Park Resolutions

We plan to be take a roadtrip this summer to visit Redwood National Park and if we can swing it possibly Yosemite...maybe even Oregon Caves on the way home and other National Scenic Areas in Northern California as it is my 4yr olds goal to visit every National Park :)
This year black canyon of the gunnison , Rocky Mountain ,Canyonlands , and Grand Canyon bright angel trail to bottom and up

We are going to hike the Grand Canyon!
Take our son to the Rocky Mountains for his first birthday!
Hike the Grand Canyon with my daughters. Like I did with my Dad and fell in love with hiking our NPS. Tickets to AZ purchased? Check. On route to one resolution being kept!

I would love to visit Yosemite National Park with my family on May.

To vist one National Park each season.
I plan to explore Boston, Salem, and Acadia national park this July.
I only have one right now. I'm traveling to Palm Springs, CA on January 15th. I want Joshua Tree National Park to be my first National Park visit!! I'm very excited.

To donate more than $500 to our National Parks.