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2014 National Park Resolutions

To earn my second Iron Butt Association National Parks Tour Master Traveler Award riding my Triumph motorcycle. *
To visit the new National Park just created by President Obama

This year I resolve to visit 3 parks/attractions I've not visited before and spend enough time to relax and enjoy the parks.

I am going to Cabrillo NM for the first time somewhere between Jan 18 and Feb 5. I will also go back to Mohave Feb 3-4 and camp in Mohave - I have missed the desert. :) Later on my cousin and I have a trip planned to go to Maine, and hit every park site there and in New Hampshire. Along the way we will stop at flight 93 - I haven't been there yet!

Visit the grand canon or yellow stone .. I will love to have an opportunity to see and do some photography there ..
i will visit everglades national park

My resolution is to visit (again) and explore Acadia National Park in Maine's natural beauty, its flora and fauna, geology and history, and for me to speak of some of the park's many features and interests.

My New Year's Resolution is to take my mom to the Statue of Liberty again like last year.

I would love to go to Yellowstone National Park along with the Grand Tetons for some fishing. Mount Rushmore would be great to since I will be "in the area". :)

To see Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park!