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2014 National Park Resolutions

This May I'll fly to Denver and drive to great sand dunes national park and camp and hike there for two days ten drive to arches national park and camp there for two days as well and on the way back to Denver, I plan on camping at colorado national monument.

After visiting 18 national parks in 2013, we are planning a tour to Arizona and California to see 42 national park sites during summer break.

I am fascinated with the great lodges of the national parks. I am currently beginning my quest to stay in all of the great lodges of the national parks beginning in 2014 with plans to vacation in Glacier National Park. I intend to do some hiking, wildlife viewing, and viewing, and of course stay in the wonderful lodges in and associated with Glacier.

Visit at least 3 new Parks in 2014.

I am now reluctant to make any reservations at the National Park Lodges, as we were "shut out" at Crater Lake last October , our first big trip of our retirement. You just cannot depend that this will not happen again.
We will visit Rocky Mountain NP, Black Canyon of the Gunisson, Mesa Verde, Monument Valley, Lake Powell and Bryce and Zion on our Trip from Denver to Vegas in August!
It is my desire to travel to the east side of the united states to the area of Virginia and Washington DC. I would love to see the blue ridge mountains and the blue grass areas. I hope to travel this year sometime by way of the airplane when I get the money to do so. I would also like to ride the train in the Virginia mountains.

To hike more into the parks we visit on the south eastern side of Utah this vacation
Spend more time watching wolves in Yellowstone and to continue to inform park visitors of the excessive and unethical hunting of the wolves as well as their proposed delisting from the Endangered Species Act. Also, I will be going to view some of the last remaining wild mustangs.

We are starting our new life in retirement with the goal to see all of the national parks over the coming years as we also begin the new experience of being workkampers. We started our journey this week from Pennsylvania, traveling the U.S. 3,300 miles to settle for the winter near Joshua Tree National Park.