National Mall and Memorial Parks

October: In Case You Missed It

How did October fly by so fast?! Maybe we all spent so much time enjoying the fall foliage and carving our pumpkins that we forgot to keep track of how quickly the end of the month was sprinting toward us! Not to worry though, we have you covered on all the tidbits of national park news that may have whizzed by you.

A Carousel Ride...50 Years In The Making

As part of the Park Stewards program, students had an amazing first visit to National Mall and Memorial Parks where they rode and learned about the Smithsonian carousel.

Originally at a private, segregated park in Maryland, several years of protests resulted in opening the park to all visitors on August 23, 1963, the same day as the original March on Washington.

During the visit, the kids also met a woman who had been at the carousel the day it opened to everyone, over 50 years ago.

The teachers shared how helpful the park was in designing and tailoring the visit to benefit the children. “First, [the ranger] came to our school to present a slide show to the students about the park system. Second, [she] took the kids on "behind the scenes" tours of the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials to give them a better sense of what rangers do and what types of jobs are needed to support the park system. Third, [she] gave each of the kids an NPS passport to show them the breadth of the park system (and encourage them to visit as many as possible). The passports were a huge hit and did as much as anything to get the kids excited about the parks.”

After the visit, Ranger Jennifer shared that the students, “have had a number of club meetings after school, where they have discussed future visits and activities and developed a name for the group, PITCH – Parks are Ideal for Teaching Cool History. Students are also stirring interest among their classmates, as they promote the parks in their school community.” Students’ service-learning projects involved creating scavenger hunts for the park with four different themes around race, gender, or ethnicity.

National Park Week Infographic

In honor of the 2014 National Park Week theme, we’re excited to “Go Wild” and share a new infographic with you! From diverse wildlife, iconic landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history, the national parks truly showcase and protect the best of our national treasures.

Take a look, learn something new, and share the knowledge with your friends and family! And happy National Park Week!

Celebrating BEARS

After months of irresistible teasers and adorable trailers, Disneynature’s BEARS has finally arrived! Disneynature’s new True Life Adventure shares the epic story of one brave mama bear and her two impressionable cubs as they learn some of life’s most important lessons. One thing’s certain: audiences across the country are falling in love with this very special bear family.