Denali National Park & Preserve

Spring Is Almost Here!

On Friday, we welcome the first official day of spring.

How will you show springtime that you’re excited it’s finally here?

We’ve got hundreds of places in mind that are great for celebrating the arrival of warmer weather – your national parks!

If you need some help brainstorming ideas, this list may help:

Red Foxes, Pacific Fishers, Pollinators & Trails

National Park Foundation grants connect youth to parks through educational programs, help inspire people to become the next generation of park stewards, and also protect and preserve our national parks. Our programs help expand and upgrade trails, restore landscapes, protect threatened habitats and wildlife, and preserve historic places.

Here are some specific examples of our grants and programs in action:

4 Places You May Have Missed

In all my time in our national parks, I’ve become aware of places within the parks that are perhaps overlooked. I call them “places within places.” Many of these special spots would be recommended by park rangers if people asked them, “What is there to see and do here?”

I’d like to share several of these spots with you today and I’ll tell you about more in another blog post later this year. (Stay tuned!)