American Latino Heritage Fund

American Latino Heritage Fund

The 2010 census counted 50.5 million Latinos in the US. Latinos comprise 16.3% of the U.S. population, an increase of 46.3% in ten years. Yet despite a 400-year history in North America Latino culture, heritage, visitation and stewardship are almost non-existent at national parks and historical sites. Only 3% of the 86,000 sites on the National Register of Historic Places explicitly recognize and celebrate our country’s ethnically diverse cultures.

The American Latino Heritage Fund (ALHF) of the National Park Foundation seeks to immediately and strategically integrate and celebrate the cultural, economic and civic contributions of Latino communities in our American story. The Fund will raise $2.5 million in its initial three years to provide grant and program support to achieve this vision. The Fund will focus on securing funding from individuals, foundations and corporations, while leveraging critical investments of the NPS and the U.S. Department of Interior.

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ALHF National Park Sites

The National Park Service currently holds many rich contributions of Latino Americans to the fabric of United States history in trust for future generations. At least 17 national park units-as well as national trails, heritage areas and historic landmarks-are protected by the NPS. These special places include:

National Park Service Units

National Park Service Affiliates and National Heritage Areas

National Historic Landmarks