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    The National Park Foundation is proud to sponsor the new Ken Burns documentary
series, The National Parks: America's Best Idea. Premiering September 27 on PBS, the
film tells the story of how America's national parks came to be—focusing on people from
every conceivable background who were shaped by the landscape and in turn devoted
their lives to ensuring that the most special places in our country would be preserved for all
future generations.

For the next several months, the National Park Foundation will partner with PBS to bring you special issues of GoParks that explore this historic new film. Join us as we go behind the
scenes and into the wilds of our national parks.
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The National Park Foundation, the official charity of America's national parks, works to strengthen the enduring connection between the American people and their parks and to provide support to the National Park Service by raising private funds, making strategic grants, creating innovative partnerships and increasing public awareness. NPF is proud to be a major funder of the new Ken Burns documentary series, The National Parks: America's Best Idea and congratulates Florentine Films, WETA and PBS for producing this historic film.
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Q&A With Ken Burns
Ken Burns shares the stories and ideas that inspired him
to tell the history of America's national parks and the
people who protected them.

Why a documentary on our national parks?
I think we've always been curious about who we are as a people and what it means to be an American. I think the land and our identification with it—the mythology that surrounds it, the  

kind of hopes and dreams that we invest in it—get to the heart of  that identity. Too often we assume in history that the approach should take a national perspective, and I think what's amazing about the parks story is that it's so intimate. Part of this story is about who we are individually as we experience the parks—they help us get to know ourselves, and we can also relate to previous generations through these magnificent places.

Several times in the film, you relate how a single individual or a small group manages to have a real impact in helping to create a park. Can you talk about that?
This is the reason why biography is so important to history. It is so interesting to see, particularly in our history, that individuals do matter, that people can come across something and be a catalyst for change. William Gladstone Steel in the 1870s happened to accidentally see a picture of Oregon's Crater Lake in a newspaper that had wrapped his lunchtime meal. He resolved to go there, and once he did get there 15 years later, he devoted the next 17 years to trying to get it made into a national park—which he helped achieve. This is 32 years after having that epiphany over lunch. What is it about that? What do we learn from this?

Why does America need national parks?
They're like anchors. When we say "My country 'tis of thee"—it's my country—are we talking about city streets? Are we talking about industrial cities? No. We're talking about the land we have, and there's so very little of it that's unspoiled or that doesn't have a fence through it. Here in these special places that we've resolved together as a people to preserve, we feel a sense of commonality. You come to a national park and all of a sudden some of the barriers between people, between classes, even between nationalities are broken down and you share and have the experience of an essential, collective humanity. It's a common wealth, and my goodness, especially today we need that reminder of what we share in common. What I say to people is, "You own the grandest canyon on earth. Together you own some of the most spectacular scenery." That's pretty good news.
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America's Best Idea Grants
  Inspired by Ken Burns's magnificent and historic film, the National Park Foundation has provided 35 national parks with America's Best Idea grants to help connect new and traditionally underserved communities to their national parks. Made possible by the National Park Foundation, with additional funding from the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund and the Popplestone Foundation, the grants are helping our national parks develop outreach strategies and community partnerships to encourage long-term stewardship. Learn more >>  
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