Travel Ideas

  • Harvest Moon
    Ghost stories around the campfire, lantern-lit hikes, creepy crawlers, cemetery tours, hayrides, bats and more! Once you've decided on this year's costume, head on out to one or several of your more than 400 national parks for some Halloween fun!
  • Awesome Autumn Activities
    Looking for fun ways to enjoy your national parks this fall? We’ve got more than a handful of ideas for you!
  • Happy Trails: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
    Great Smoky welcomes more visitors annually than any other national park. The area has a history of hospitality, as the ecosystem has welcomed species of all kinds to its temperate forests for millions of years.
  • Cool Side of Death Valley
    With some 3.3 million acres and elevations ranging from -282 to +11,049, Death Valley National Park has plenty of “cool” things to do. Maybe not “Arthur Fonzarelli Cool,” but then again, that leather jacket takes up a lot of space in the suitcase.
  • Labor Day in the Parks!
    Labor Day weekend is a great time to head on out to America’s national parks and enjoy some quality time with family and friends! Here are some great ways to engage with the parks this weekend.
  • Happy Birthday NPS
    Celebrating the National Park Service’s birthday is so much fun! National parks across the country are waiving entrance fees and many of them have special events planned. Below you’ll find some great ways to celebrate.
  • Hidden Gems
    For every Yosemite, there's a Sequoia - a lesser-known park where the scenery shines and surprises.
  • Yosemite National Park After Dark
    Summer nights in a national park include the soft glow of the Milky Way rising over your campsite, granite peaks lit by the full moon during an evening hike, and the twinkle of stars and planets from a roadside vista point.
  • Explore Your National Parks This Summer!
    With such beautiful weather around the country, summer is the perfect time to go on a national park adventure. From sandy shores, and majestic views, to hands-on learning and voluntourism fun, America’s national parks have everything you could ask for in
  • Multiply Your Vacation Enjoyment On A Multi-Generational Trip
    Have you noticed that more and more groups of travelers to America’s national parks include not only parents and children, but that grandparents are often included to join in the fun?