Rye, NH, US

From Rye, NH, US  in Zion National Park
This past summer, we visited (among others) Bryce, Zion, Cedar Breaks and the North Rim.... We did the peek-a-boo, queen's garden and fairyland trails. During these hikes we got to spend great quality time with our boys and saw the same wonder in their eyes that we had 12 years earlier. we also, had a great experience at the North Rim. We participated in one of the ranger programs and learned about the endangered California condor. We were fascinated by the fact that just 20 years ago there were only about 20 condors and thankfully the population has grown (albeit still tiny) to over 200. To our great surprise, the next morning during breakfast, we saw a live condor flying by the lodge! We've been fortunate to travel to many places and this by far has been our favorite family vacation. We are looking forward to visiting more national parks!

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