My husband and I were both widowed before we met. When we married, he had saved for an early retirement, a dream I didn't think I would have ever have and the greatest wedding gift I could have received. We packed our small SUV and set out for 4 months driving across country, car camping and visiting friends and family along the way. Our goal was to see as many of the National Parks as we could and we did visit about 50 parks, monuments and historical places. What a spectacular and never-to-be-forgotten adventure it was! Although I'd certainly seen photos and read about some of the parks, NOTHING compares with the absolutely "take-your-breath-away" wonder of your first look at the Grand Canyon in all its glory laid out at your feet for as far as you can see or the wonders of Yosemite or Yellowstone. The beauty of Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and every one that we saw was just jaw-dropping. And seeing bison, elk, coyotes and wolves in their natural habitat is simply amazing. Now, whenever we begin to plan our next vacation, seeing the rest of the National Parks that we haven't yet visited is always at the top of our list. There is a lifetime of wonder awaiting us right here in our beautiful country and I want to finish filling my NPS Passport books!