Bobbie A

After serving for 12 years in the US Navy, I moved to Flagstaff, Az. While there, I was lucky to serve as a Park Ranger with the Flagstaff National Monuments. I was stationed at Walnut Canyon National Monument. I LOVED going to work every day and seeing the beauty of a little know National Park / Monument! It would make me laugh, days before Christmas (2003) I was working and "tourists" would show up. Dressed in t-shirts and shorts and FREEZING! It was a nice, brisk 20 BELOW. When I would ask why they where dressed like that, they { the tourists} would always reply... "Well we looking Arizona up on the internet..." I would smile and say, "Let me guess, you looked at Phoenix?. We are a good 8000 ft HIGHER than Phoenix. It's a bit colder here". :)