Noatak National Preserve

As one of North Americaís largest mountain-ringed river basins with an intact, unaltered ecosystem, Noatak National Preserve features some of the Arcticís finest arrays of plants and animals. The Noatak River offers spectacular wilderness float trip opportunities ñ from deep in the Brooks Range to the tidewater of the Chukchi Sea. The 400-mile river - a Wild and Scenic River ñ is virtually unchanged by the humans who have lived in the valley for the last 11,000 years.The national preserve lies almost completely enclosed by the Baird and De Long mountains of the Brooks Range. In this transition zone, the northern coniferous forest thins out and gradually gives way to the tundra that stretches northward to the Beaufort Sea. The bulk of this land is designated wilderness.Far from the hustle and bustle of other Alaskan destinations, the magnificent scenery and untamed nature of this preserve allows you to experience genuine ìWild Alaskaî on its own terms. 

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