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We recently took a road trip from Port Angeles, Washington, down the Pacific Coast to Guadalajara in Mexico. We visited many... more
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I love National Parks. I hope to visit them all.
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Spectacular views...loved the sounds, peace and scenery, God's Nature...nothing on this Planet can compare to this beauty...
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We visited this gorgeous park in 2012. The majestic snow-capped mountains surround a pristine, turquoise lake that is... more
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My Favorite shot of Brandy Creek.
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I visited the Clara Barton house this morning and took some photos. They are located on my Flickr page here. http://www.... more
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Many fond memories of LVNP;I worked at the lodge in the summer of '56, returned on our honeymoon in '59 and have visited... more
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I am a PSS in a Fl State Park, but there is nothing more spiritual than Cumberland Island for us...
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My kids love this park! Every time we start planning a fall trip, they want to go back to Lava Beds and explore the lava... more
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every practical is beautiful in this world! for more picture,,
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