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Mount Rainier was amazing! Even though it was a cloudy day, it was still spectacular. I visited the Sunrise Summit, which is... more
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Glacier was recommended by many friends. It did not disappoint. While we only saw one glacier from a distance, we thoroughly... more
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this is awesome
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"Hungry fella?"
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"Hungry fella?"
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Sunset from Monument Lake campground in Big Cypress National Preserve
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Balanced Rock - Arches NP. Photo taken at sundown the night before the government shutdown.
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February 1, 2014 Ozark National Scenic Riverways is just that... a "National" "Scenic" "Riverway” within the “... more
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My husband and I were both widowed before we met. When we married, he had saved for an early retirement, a dream I didn't... more
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i would love to go back my kids loved it and we would do it again we are all ready planning another trip there
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