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Stay hydrated on any hikes to parks in the Southwest U.S. in the summertime. Don't take on more than you're capable of.
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Best tip for visiting the National Archives Experience just north of the National Mall in Washington, DC is to go on www.nps... more
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Many national parks offer free dispersed or primitive camping.
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Involve every family member in preparing for your park trip. Everyone should be responsible for packing there own day pack... more
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It is important to take breaks and stretch during a long road trip. provides an interactive map of... more
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When you are visiting Mesa Verde National Park, be sure to take the one mile hike on the Petroglyph Trail. You will be... more
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Traveling with Kids? Make the Visitors Center your first park stop and pick up a Jr. Ranger booklet. Bring pencils or... more
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buy your sunscreen and bug spray at a dollar store before you leave they can be pricey other places at the last minute
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Use the lockers to hide your food! We watched a black bear open up a Subaru wagon like a tin can to get the food inside.... more
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Try to get there early enough so that you have plenty of time to walk around the park. If you only drive, you won't get the... more
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