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Try visiting busy parks during the off-season to avoid the crowds and see a different side of your favorite park. For... more
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Best time to visit even the most popular (and usually most crowded) parks is the last week of August. Kids are back in... more
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Get to the Parks early; wildlife is more actice
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On every family trip, ask your family to stretch with you, and make sure that everyone is perfectly hydrated. When you ask... more
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Start early and wear comfortable clothing. Respect others and the parks.
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Start early at sunrise; wildlife is more active
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Yellowstone's geysers and hot springs are true wonders. From my experience living and working in the park, the best time to... more
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As a year-round volunteer at Saguaro National Park, I urge all visitors to go to Signal Hill, the home of one hundred... more
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My favorite way to see Shenandoah NP is to take a horse ride along approved trails. You will see a great deal more than by... more
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Satrt out early in the day; wildlife is most active.
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