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When you visit Bryce Canyon National Park, take the park road all the way to the end and then come back to get to the... more
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Start early in the day; wildlife abounds
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When you are planning a trip to one of the National Parks call ahead and arrange to volunteer a portion of your time. You... more
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Always spend some time with the rangers! They know so much about their park and can help you have a deeper understanding and... more
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Plan your trip to Yellowstone near or during full moon--that way you can see the geyers at night when the crowds are not as... more
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Dress in layers and always be prepared for changing weather. A rain jacket is a must in any park!
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The best time to visit Hawaii Volcano National Park is in the evening as then when the sun sets around 7:15 you can see the... more
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Yellowstone National Park; dont miss a day-hike to Shoshone Lake. Depart from the trailhead north of Lewis Lake. There are 2... more
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Don't forget to watch the night skies. Parks offer great viewing opportunities free of light pollutions and great nighttime... more
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Arrive at the parks early in the day and plan to spend several days in each park in order to take in all there is to see and... more
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