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Recently, I was asked by a good acquaintance to take his oldest son, who had just graduated from high school, with me to... more
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Be sure to visit and if possible stay at Many Glacier Lodge. The ambiance and great food are well worth the splurge.
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beware of bears
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When we went to Yellowstone a few years ago in July, we hired a private guide who took us far away from the crazy crowds.... more
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You must go on the Beehive trail, it's awesome!!
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Take a whistle, hand sanitizer, dress in layers and plenty of snacks for everyone! Enjoy being outside in one of our... more
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Be careful at edges of openings.
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Purify stream water at Yosemite before consuming to protect against jardia.
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You can never have too much TP in a Yosemite campground!
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Get out and hike the park. From Specimen Ridge to Norris Geyser Basin there is so much to see including wildlife and... more
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