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Take the extra effort to go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. While there, be sure to hike the Widforss Trail - you won... more
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start early in the day; see lots of wildlife
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Whether you're traveling alone, as a pair, or as a group/family, consider camping at the National Park! Just make sure to... more
Linda Flag as offensive my blog post about giving my son a national... more
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One place you want to visit in Yellowstone is Firehole Falls. Take the scenic drive and then stop to take a refreshing dip... more
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My husband and I were walking at Barker Dam with our granddaughter, when he became overcome with heat exhaustion. We were... more
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Satrt early in the morning when wildlife is more abundant
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Stay at the lodges in the National Parks if at all possible. They are amazing and just add to the experience. We purchased... more
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Visit as many National Parks as possible while you are young - there is so-ooo much to see when you are healthy, energetic... more
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When visiting Mt Rushmore during the day, walk the Presidential Trail to see the memorial up close and from different... more
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