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Elk viewing is best around six to seven o'clock in the evening, in the Smokemont/Oconaluftee area. They all gather in the... more
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Call ahead and reserve a tour of Rapidan Camp, President Hoover's retreat cabin! It's historic, beautiful, and free for all... more
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The Devil's Garden campground at Arches National Park is reserved out months in advance, but there are beautiful campgrounds... more
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Spending time in our National Parks with your family is a great way to have fun together.
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Yellowstone gets EXTREMELY crowded during the holidays all spring, summer... more
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The best time to visit Yellowstone is either the week before Memorial Day or the few weeks following Labor Day. Uncrowded... more
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Bring your bike. Many National Parks, like Acadia National Park, have wonderful trails that make it easy to walk to bike.... more
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Parking is hard to find. The best way to explore Yosemite on a day trip is to catch a bus into the park and ride the free... more
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Pack for extreme range of temps when camping @ Grand Canyon NP. Summer nights can be 40 degrees at night on the rim while... more
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Bring a sturdy tent that can handle wind! Cape Hatteras National Sea Shore is a beautiful place to camp (especially Frisco... more
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