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JUST GO! There is a reason that these treasures are set aside for us all to have access to. They are some of the most... more
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Take the time to talk with a Park Ranger. They are your most valuable resource of information.
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‘Plan B’ Play a ‘What If?’ game before you go. Things don’t always go as planned. Bad weather, stomach flu, a wrong turn... more
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The Packing Lists It really stinks when you get to your favorite park, discover you forgot your swimsuit, sleeping bag,... more
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Quality Time The miles fly by quickly when you are reading a good book. Take turns reading out loud, and set a goal to... more
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On the Crater Lake boat trip, be prepared for cool winds and water splshing into the first few rows of the boat.
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On the way home from the Boy Scout Jamboree, we stopped by the New River Gorge National River Park in West Virginia to see a... more
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Preserving out National Parks is the best thing our government has ever done. Take advantage and visit some of the most... more
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Visit Bryce Canyon at sunrise to see all the hoodoos lit up like candles.
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My tip - Make National Parks a part of your family road-trips - You will experience, learn and do more than you could at any... more
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