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My family has been going to Olympic NP since I can remember. Building sand castles on the beach as a child was a favorite.... more
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Family from Australia came to the US and wanted to go to Glacier. So, we decided to go too. We had just gotten engaged when... more
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It's a neat place and you should visit
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If you were rated by Charitynavigator I'd consider making a donation.
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I just adore going to the Washington Memorial Chapel. It is my place of solitude. My family has fought in every single... more
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I just wrote and recorded new songs JOSHUA TREE PARK, a NATIONAL PARK SONG, Route 89 See The Parks, on my album BACK ON THE... more
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Came across this monster trying to keep warm while kayaking at 9 mile pond. I estimated it to be around 20 feet.
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My colleague and I brought 20 students from Goucher College in January as part of our investigation of the American Dream.... more
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Fall colors can be subtle, far from the forests of the American heartland. Here, grasses on the lava flows of El Malpais... more
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