Shared Stories From Antietam National Battlefield

My girls love the Junior Ranger program! They work as hard on them as they do regular school work. They're already bugging... more
Get a Park Passport. It's an inexpensive souvenir, and a good reminder of your visit. Our family loves to collect them.
We had a great day at Antietam National Battlefield. We went to celebrate the last day before school started and the... more
From Mary Lou  in Antietam National Battlefield
This was my first visit to Antietam for the lighting of the luminaries. This is the 150 anniversary. I was there in... more
From Tricia  in Antietam National Battlefield
We loved our visit! The kids and I learned a lot in a beautiful setting.
From Jodi in Antietam National Battlefield
Burnside Bridge at Antietam... if you look close.. you can see the witness trees on the left of the picture... beautiful... more
I have visited several National Parks, but Park Ranger Brian really helped my family understand the place Antietam played in... more
From Fernando Gomez in Antietam National Battlefield
i am standing just above the Bloody Lane at Antietam National Battlefield. The location was the site of intense fighting,... more

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