Shared Stories From Yosemite National Park

Help save a bear! Properly store all food and items that have an odor (sunscreen, hand sanitizer, toothpaste...) in a bear... more
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Parking is hard to find. The best way to explore Yosemite on a day trip is to catch a bus into the park and ride the free... more
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Get a Park Passport. It's an inexpensive souvenir, and a good reminder of your visit. Our family loves to collect them.
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Make sure you wrap up all of your food tightly!
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If you're planning on hiking up to Half Dome, consider starting at sunrise. It's much cooler, and you will have an easier... more
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My husband and I were married in the Chapel 44 yrs ago this July 20th. Hope to make a visit for our 45th.
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Purify stream water at Yosemite before consuming to protect against jardia.
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You can never have too much TP in a Yosemite campground!
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You don't know Yosemite until you've seen her from below and you've seen her from above. From the valley floor to Glacier... more
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When visiting Yosemite NP, arrive at the Valley first thing in the morning. After doing all you wanted to do in the Valley,... more
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