Shared Stories From Yosemite National Park

Without a doubt, Cathedral Peak's beauty rivals that of one of the most famous landmarks in Yosemite, Half Dome. Although... more
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My NatureBridge field research group was heading to Budd Lake with our instructor to meet with scientists who were removing... more
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I had an amazing experience with my family at Yosemite national park. No words to express this amazing pace.So close to... more
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"Not having heard is not as good as having heard, having heard is not as good as having seen, having seen is not as... more
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After backpacking for an entire morning, we stopped by a small stream to refill our water bottles. The meadow around us had... more
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After a difficult hike down Tuolumne Peak through rain, fog, and wind, I was able to find a little pond off the trail. After... more
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Please just let me know if you choose this for publication- I'll allow it, no problem, I just wanna see. My parents... more
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‘Plan B’ Play a ‘What If?’ game before you go. Things don’t always go as planned. Bad weather, stomach flu, a wrong turn... more
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Be prepared and know your limitations in the woods! Two things well end you first: 1) Arrogance 2) Ignorance Many... more
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If Yosemite is not available, go to Mammoth Lakes, there too, in Inyo there are dispersed camps, such as Glass Creek, they... more
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