Shared Stories From Badlands National Park

Great road trips - are the unplanned ones !!!!!
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My mom and went to Yellowstone , not even planned - we where heading home from Las Vegas and while getting gas in St. George... more
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i would love to go back my kids loved it and we would do it again we are all ready planning another trip there
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I love it is was so butiful and i would go back there in a hart beat!
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This summer I had the opportunity to drive across the United States with my family and visit numerous national parks along... more
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Get a Park Passport. It's an inexpensive souvenir, and a good reminder of your visit. Our family loves to collect them.
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Our family has been enjoying visits to National Parks for almost 40 years. It began with a 3,200 mile loop of the southwest... more
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From Kara White in Badlands National Park
This week happened to correspond with our cross-country trip up to Alaska for our seasonal jobs. We made full use of the the... more
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