Shared Stories From Grand Canyon National Park

A great spot to see California Condor's in Grand Canyon NP is by the Bright Angel Lodge - we spent the day in that area just... more
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I am shocked the Discovery Channel will be filming one if the Wallenda family walking a rope over the Grand Canyon without a... more
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From Charlene in Grand Canyon National Park
While taking a history tour with a park ranger the condors started to appear - what a THRILL. There were at least 8 condors... more
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From John in Grand Canyon National Park
On the morning of January 5th, 2011 the temperature at the South Rim was hovering between 5 and 10 below zero. My spouse and... more
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The Grand Canyon National Pack came into my life in 1989 when I watched a film at the National Museum of films in Bradford,... more
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From Al & Cyndy in Grand Canyon National Park
Last year at the North Rim, spectacular, wild, spiritual, it was awesome. What a privilege to have a National Park system in... more
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I think i'd relly love the grand canyon, I hope I can go there soon.It would probably be really fun.
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From Jack in Grand Canyon National Park
Someone else once said that the national parks are America's best idea. So true! And I SO APPRECIATE the work you do. (I... more
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From Tyson in Grand Canyon National Park
(This is part one of a two part story) My girlfriend and I are moving to California next week, and are planning to stop off... more
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From Charles T. Henry in Grand Canyon National Park
I decided to visit my daughter Mia in Las Vegas this weekend and she suggested we visit Hoover [filtered word]... more
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