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Seeing the crater from inside was the clearest and the best experience for the one that is healthy, a lot hiking 1 mule down... more
this is awesome
"Hungry fella?"
"Hungry fella?"
Sunset from Monument Lake campground in Big Cypress National Preserve
February, 2008 in Denali National Park. Photo taken by my husband, Daniel.
Yellowstone National Park! I've had a numerous drives through Yellowstone and they never fail to amaze me. The wildlife is... more
From George in Rosie the Riveter WWII / Home Front National Historical Park
PICTURED Richmond Scouts Troop 2 watching the USS Iowa leave port for Long Beach Memorial Day 2012 After I retired, I... more
After serving for 12 years in the US Navy, I moved to Flagstaff, Az. While there, I was lucky to serve as a Park Ranger with... more