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I have to admit, my husband essentially dragged me to Joshua Tree. As part of our "deal" of spending our vacation week in... more
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Came across this monster trying to keep warm while kayaking at 9 mile pond. I estimated it to be around 20 feet.
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My colleague and I brought 20 students from Goucher College in January as part of our investigation of the American Dream.... more
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From its twisting and turning headwaters in northwestern Wisconsin to the surprisingly wild channels less than an hour’s... more
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The winter wind is timeless. Certain things have changed along the St. Croix River: settlers come and gone, limestone dug up... more
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Hours after the official first minute of spring in the northern hemisphere, I strapped on snowshoes at a trailhead in... more
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When a float is probably going to be the last time on the river for the year, you don’t take a rain check. Even if it’s... more
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"Not having heard is not as good as having heard, having heard is not as good as having seen, having seen is not as... more
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Seeing the crater from inside was the clearest and the best experience for the one that is healthy, a lot hiking 1 mule down... more
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this is awesome
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