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Host Blash Notes of Yosemite: 2014. I go back in... more
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SOS I am a Chilean, living in USA. In our Country we have some of the most beautiful and milenarium National Parks, where... more
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My family has been going to Olympic NP since I can remember. Building sand castles on the beach as a child was a favorite.... more
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From its twisting and turning headwaters in northwestern Wisconsin to the surprisingly wild channels less than an hour’s... more
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Everybody else is able to see the Great horned owl that Elsa has just spotted sitting in a tree by the St. Croix River,... more
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The Department of Natural Resources crews who monitor the St. Croix River’s fish population have a beautiful office and a... more
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The water flowed forcefully past my ankles—its strength never wavering. My family, along with hundreds of other individuals... more
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After backpacking for an entire morning, we stopped by a small stream to refill our water bottles. The meadow around us had... more
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My first time in Yellowstone in 1954
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My wife Ranjana , my son in law shailender and I started early in the morning for world's most amazing natural wonder Grand... more
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