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I have visited many National Parks over the years and have been painting them as the most important art project I have ever... more
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It was in the summer of 1970 that, as a young, newly married couple we decided to drive from Chicago to Glacier National... more
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I visited Lassen this past summer. It was a blast! The geothermal activity was fascinating and the views on the hiking... more
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My family Grandparents, Parents and Siblings visited Glacier National Park in the Summer of 1953.Most vivid memories of the... more
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Without a doubt, Cathedral Peak's beauty rivals that of one of the most famous landmarks in Yosemite, Half Dome. Although... more
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My NatureBridge field research group was heading to Budd Lake with our instructor to meet with scientists who were removing... more
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Our family went camping at White River Campground on Mount Rainier. The highlight of our time there was Ranger Shonna... more
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Wild ponies on Assateague are the big tourist attraction.
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This was my second stop on a three and a half week trip. I went to at least 20 or more State and National Parks and... more
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