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I have visited many National Parks over the years and have been painting them as the most important art project I have ever... more
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It is a story that caused my heart to wrench, to break. I’m already one of the biggest crybabies to begin with, dropping a... more
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From its twisting and turning headwaters in northwestern Wisconsin to the surprisingly wild channels less than an hour’s... more
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The last time I was on the river was a windy and gray day last November. We fought a stiff wind downstream, the banks gray... more
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My first time there and had a great time
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My husband and I were both widowed before we met. When we married, he had saved for an early retirement, a dream I didn't... more
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every practical is beautiful in this world! for more picture,,
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Yellowstone National Park! I've had a numerous drives through Yellowstone and they never fail to amaze me. The wildlife is... more
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My husband and I were walking at Barker Dam with our granddaughter, when he became overcome with heat exhaustion. We were... more
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