President’s Day – National Parks Blog

By Marjorie Hall on 02/21/2011

This February 21st, marks the day Americans pause to remember the men who have led our nation throughout times of war and peace. Among the 394 units making up America’s national park system to date, there are several of the homes of our earliest presidents from George Washington and John Adams to the newest national park, the birthplace home of President Bill Clinton.

President’s Day began as a reminder of two great leaders in our country’s history, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The life stories of these men are told in several national parks including the George Washington Birthplace National Monument, located in the Northern Neck of Virginia, and the well known Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. There are also three other national park units celebrating the life of the 16th president of the United States of America: the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park in Kentucky, the Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial in Indiana and the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Illinois.

When visiting Washington, D.C., many tour The White House and Presidents Park, to see the iconic building that many of our country’s Presidents have called home. Other parks across the nation that celebrate the lives of Presidents of the United States include:

Thomas Jefferson, DC

Martin Van Buren, NY

Andrew Johnson, TN

Ulysses S. Grant, NY

James A. Garfield, OH

Theodore Roosevelt, NY

Herbert Hoover, IA

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, NY

Harry S. Truman, MO

Dwight D. Eisenhower, PA

John F. Kennedy, MA

Lyndon Baines Johnson, TX

Jimmy Carter, GA