Kenai For A Day

Matthew Boyer is the Director of Development for the National Park Foundation, he is blogging from Alaska.

Sweeping from rocky coastline to glacier-crowned peaks, Kenai Fjords National Park encompasses 607,805 acres of unspoiled wilderness on the southeast coast of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. The park is capped by the Harding Ice field, a relic from past ice-ages and the largest ice field entirely within U.S. borders.

I've been on the road in Alaska leading a group of National Park Foundation Stewardship Circle members in Katmai National Park & Preserve on an excursion. After our expedition in Katmai (see blog: Katmai Calling) I took a trip to Kenai Fjords National Park to scout out Kenai as a location for our a possible Stewardship Circle Expedition and what I witnessed was an incredibly unique landscape with an abundant wildlife population. During my boat trip near the Northwest Glacier, I witnessed orcas, otters, mountain goats, puffins, endangered settler seals and humpback whales, just to name a few. Numerous animals make their home in this ever-changing place where mountains, ice and ocean meet and I am excited to share some of my photos from this awe-inspiring place.


Northwest Glacier

Jellyfish on the shore line

Humpback Whale